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Enjoy incredible ocean views, magnificent sunrise and golden sunset by the warm white sandy beaches.

visit gede ruins

A visit to the Gede ruins in Watamu and Jumba ruins in Mtwapa, will definitely eclipse your safari or weekend outing.


Whale and Dolphin watching boat trips around Watamu.

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Buy reasonably priced fresh fish, prawns, lobster, crabs and octopus from local fishermen

Arabuko Sokoke Forest

image water pond fish eagle1

Arabuko Sokoke Forest which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, near Watamu, is a 420 km2 coastal forest in Kenya managed by Kenya Forest Service (KFS). It is the largest and most intact coastal forest in East Africa, with 20% of Kenya’s bird species, 30% butterfly species and at least 24 rare and endemic bird, mammal and butterfly species.

Whale & Dolphin Watching boat trips

whale dolphin2.png image009 whale dolphin4.png

These can be arranged through a number of tour operators on the North Coast, especially in Watamu. Apart from whales and dolphins, you will also be able to see other species like whale sharks, stingrays, turtles, birds etc.

Deep Sea Game Fishing

The Kenya Coast is famous around the world, as probably the best area for deep sea game fishing. You can catch 3 types of marlin, sailfish, different species of sharks, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, kingfish, dorado, barracuda etc.
You can book fishing trips with professionals in Mombasa, Mtwapa, Kilifi, Watamu and Malindi.
A host of local and international fishing tournaments are hosted every year in Watamu and Malindi

Haller Park

image011_1 hallr park image (3)

Formerly known as Bamburi Nature Trail, Haller Park is a unique wildlife sanctuary situated in Mombasa’s North Coast. This nature park was once a limestone quarry, and now provides an attractive home for a variety of plant, bird and animal species. Popular attractions include the Crocodile Farm, Reptile Park, Palm Garden and Game Sanctuary.

Kuruwitu Marine Sanctuary

image006 (2) image007 kuruwitu 2 kruwitu1 fish1

Go snorkeling in Kuruwitu marine sanctuary, next door to Vipingo Beach, to see over 200 fish species, live coral reef, and other amazing creatures of the ocean. The marine protected area has now been in existence for 11 years and the biodiversity is incredible. Even normally pelagic fish have been seen in the area like barracuda, spotted eagle ray and even turtles that come to graze on the sea grass.

Mida Creek

Migratory birds utilize Mida Creek as a stopover point, and it is essential to their survival. In fact, Mida Creek is one of the world’s most productive mangrove ecosystems, and together with Arabuko – Sokoke Forest forms a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It comprises of different types of habitats that are influenced by the tides; mud flats, sand flats, open shallow waters and mangrove forests. It has healthy beds of seagrass and corals and is home to many species of fish and turtles. With its tangle of mangroves small streams and inlets, it also provides refuge to crabs and a myriad of birdlife.
Visitors will also love a visit to ‘The Crab Shack’ at Mida Creek. It is situated not far from Dabaso village and the restaurant is a discreet, low impact wooden construction standing at the edge of the mangrove forest with panoramic views of the Creek,

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