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Vipingo Beach is a beautiful, secure, privately owned and operated residential estate of one and half acre plots set on former sisal fields bordering the incredible Indian Ocean.
Our pristine beach, protected by its coral reef is a safe place to swim, stroll or simply sit and absorb the peace and tranquility of our environment.
We care for the beach we share with fishermen, turtles, fish, birds and all of creation.

Our Vision

Inspired by the unique biodiversity of Vipingo, we are creating a unique, private, eco-friendly sanctuary where we live in harmony with the indigenous wildlife of the coast. We are committed to a lifestyle that is always flowing and constantly evolving. An experience that is spiritual and calming, with nature at its heart

Our Mission

To create a private estate inspired by nature. A space where you can meditate and introspect or connect and interact. With its pristine beaches, elegant villas and ebbing and flowing ocean, VBL is a unique paradise. We provide
an exclusive experience, with natural beauty, understated elegance and sincere warmth.


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